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    What Is Microblading? Microblading Q&A

    All you ever wanted to ask about Microblading The eyes are the window to the soul, and the eyebrows are the window treatments. Make sure your windows are dressed in style. Try microblading, the fastest growing brow treatment in the world. You know the saying “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, current aesthetics…

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    Microblading Your Way to Beautiful Brows

    Eyebrows are a critical facial focus. They frame your face, make your eyes pop and give you a finished look. But, very few of us have naturally perfect brows. While there are many solutions to perfect brows out there in the marketplace, the solution that is most natural-looking is microblading (or eyebrow embroidery). In about…

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    The End of Tired Looking Eyes?

    It’s hard to calculate the number of times my patients have asked me whether it’s possible to remove dark circles from under their eyes. This is a particularly difficult dilemma in some cases, as when the circles are the result of genetic factors. In truth, just as pert noses or rosy lips are inherited characteristics,…

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    Eyes: A Window to Your Essence

    We’ve all heard that eyes are the windows to the soul. True or not? I certainly don’t know; no one does. What I do know is that your eyes are beautiful. When you smile, your eyes smile. When people look at you, they see whether your eyes are happy, worried, sleepy or bored. They tell…

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