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Let Your Body Do The Talking

Thermography can reveal answers to questions ranging from breast cancer likelihood to sources of unexplained pain

In keeping with our core value of holistic health, Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center offers a technology called Thermography (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging), a non-invasive clinical procedure that contains no harmful radiation, is painless, and there is no contact with the body; In this way there are no side effects, so you can feel confident in knowing you are receiving no harm!

Some of the Possible Benefits of Thermography

  • Thermography has recently shown promising results in skin cancer diagnosis. Cancerous tissue is known to lead to a local temperature increase. Thermograms show temperature distribution that may be able to distinguish between malignant and benign tumors and different skin cancer types. Detecting abnormalities at an early stage can increase treatment options, quality of life, and life expectancy.
  • Thermography can provide early detection of breast abnormalities years before developing into cancer. This allows time to correct problems resulting in a better outcome for you! (AND IT DOESN’T HURT, BECAUSE THERE IS NO BREAST COMPRESSION, & NO TOUCH)
  • Thermography can possibly identify the causes of chronic unidentifiable pain that cannot be found with other tests. (IT’S NOT IN YOUR HEAD, WE WILL FIND IT!
  • May identify causes of post-operative pain. (WATCH THE HEALING PROGRESS OR IDENTIFY A POTENTIAL PROBLEM)
  • May prevent heart disease & stroke through early identification of signals. (SEE AREAS OF SIGNIFICANCE THROUGH ABNORMAL PATTERNS OF TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCES)

*All thermal scan reports are read and prepared by Medical Doctors who are Board Certified Thermologists, reports are kept indefinitely for future comparative studies.

There are many more possibilities to discover with Thermography

In fact, Thermal Imaging can show a number of diseases and injuries present in the body. It differs from other conventional testing – that only shows structure. Thermography is a unique test that clearly reveals the physiological changes in the body that no other test can reveal. The difference is that it contains no radiation, so you can feel confident about testing that is accurate without any harmful side effects. We believe in holistic health and beauty and we think this is a critical first step. In fact, we believe so strongly in it that we brought in the area expert to make sure it’s done right. Barbara Calcagni is a level II Certified Clinical Thermographer who has had extensive training in the UK and believes strongly in painless non-invasive ways to prevent and detect early changes in the body. She believes that taking a more holistic and harmless approach to your health first is best.



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Barbara Calcagni Pittsburgh Thermography at ASLC

Barbara Calcagni, CCT II

Barbara is a Certified Level II Clinical Thermographer who had extensive training and certification with Meditherm in the UK. She has since returned to her hometown to help patients with detection of inflammation, pain, disease, and early breast abnormalities by way of thermal imaging. Barbara has been employed by Meditherm for four years prior to beginning her own business. She is passionate about Thermography and believes in painless non-invasive ways to prevent and detect early changes in the body.

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