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Understanding Weight Loss Drugs and Their Effects

Shedding Light and Relief on the Impact of Weight Loss Medications

How Do Weight Loss Drugs Work?

Semaglutide/Ozempic, Mounjaro and similar weight loss drugs, are popular weight loss medications that help you shed those extra pounds. They each have their unique way of assisting you in your weight loss journey.

Ozempic and Mounjaro weight loss drug, for instance, act like a superhero by reducing your appetite and slowing down digestion, helping control blood sugar levels. Contrave, on the other hand, works as your brain's ally, tweaking its chemistry to reduce food cravings and give you more control over your eating habits.

So, these weight loss drugs are like your trusted sidekicks, each equipped with its unique superpower to support your journey towards a healthier you. They do, however, sometimes affect your appearance in an unflattering way.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs on Overall Appearance

Weight loss drugs can have noticeable effects on your appearance, including:

  • Muscle Loss: Some medications can lead to muscle loss, affecting your overall physique.
  • Facial Fat Loss: Fat loss can cause a hollow or sunken look, affecting facial volume.
  • Changes in Body Composition: Altered fat distribution may affect your body's proportions.
  • Potential Sagging Skin: Drug-induced weight loss can lead to loose or sagging skin.

Dr. Barad’s Treatment Options

Dr. Barad, our board-certified physician and oculoplastic surgeon, offers specialized treatments to address the aesthetic effects of weight loss drugs:

  • Renuva for Facial Volumization and Rejuvenation
    Renuva is an injectable treatment that replenishes lost facial fat volume. It restores volume by inducing your body to regenerate fat and improve skin quality, enhancing your facial appearance after significant weight loss. This treatment starts after the completion of the medication fat-loss regimen.
  • TruSculpt Flex and Emsculpt Neo for Muscle Rebuilding
    These advanced treatments target specific muscle groups, helping you rebuild and tone your body, and countering the effects of muscle loss. This is a great treatment to undertake while using the fat-loss medications, so that muscle strength and volume can be retained.

Ideal Candidate for Treatment

Ideal candidates for these treatments are individuals looking to combat the aesthetic impact of muscle and fat loss resulting from weight loss drugs. Whether you've experienced facial volume loss or muscle depletion, our treatments can help restore your natural beauty.

Choose Dr. Barad to Treat the Side Effects of Weight Loss

Choose Dr. Barad and Aesthetic Skin and Laser Center in Pittsburgh, PA, to reclaim your appearance and confidence. Our experienced team is committed to supporting your weight loss journey while preserving your natural beauty. Contact us today to take the first step towards a rejuvenated and toned appearance.

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