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    Take Care of Your Skin Under the Mask

    Woman with Mask Getting Fresh Air

    Wearing a face mask has become the new normal. But while you help protect yourself and others from germs, your skin might be a little more stressed than usual—especially if your skin is prone to acne or other conditions. People with acne-prone skin will be more susceptible to developing acne; people with sensitive skin or eczema…

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    Optimize Health and Immunity

    Some things we can’t control—but good self-care practices optimize our health and immunity. Now more than ever, it’s time to take control of your health. We will get through this together!             Eat Well: Now more than ever, this is important, as it is paramount for a healthy immune system.…

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    Achieve Radiance on Your (or Your Daughter's) Wedding Day

    Wedding season reaches its peak in October, if you or your daughter plans to get married this fall, you have no doubt spent a lot of time choosing a wedding venue, bridesmaid dresses, food, entertainment, and flower arrangements. Many brides-to-be, grooms, and their parents also add facial and body rejuvenation to their pre-wedding checklist. If…

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    3 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season

    The Holiday season is for showing the people that you love how much they mean to you. We search for the perfect gifts, we gather together for perfect meals and parties, and we reflect over the past year. We work so hard to make the holidays perfect for our loved ones, that sometimes we forget…

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    Walking on Sunshine: Sexy Legs Edition

    Know Your Laser When getting any treatment, it is absolutely necessary to know your lasers. Laser accuracy and quality varies, and not all estheticians provide good lasers. At Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line lasers. Each of our estheticians is highly qualified and have vast experience. Our quality service is…

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    What is Facial Volume Loss and Why Does It Matter?

    Age affects all areas of the body but the one that we’re going to focus on today is the face, in particular the cheek area. If you take pictures of someone over years of time, what you’ll notice is that the cheek area changes shape. This is actually all about fat. When we’re young, the…

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    Fall Has Arrived! It’s Time to Reverse Your Sun Damage

    Are you noticing more brown and red spots on your skin as you age? Spots and raised areas may appear on your chest, arms and legs. Even if you have been vigilant with sunblock in recent years, old damage that started in your youth can blossom with the most casual new sun exposure. Fortunately, we…

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