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    For Men: Aging Doesn’t Discriminate So Why Should Cosmetic Treatments?

    Brotox - Botox for men in Pittsburgh

    Age doesn’t discriminate between males and females, and neither does the treatment that can help both achieve younger-looking skin. Though women make up the largest group of patients who choose cosmetic treatments for aging-related concerns, Pittsburgh BOTOX® specialist Dr. Roxana Barad, of Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center in Pittsburgh, is seeing an increase in men…

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    Forever young? It’s not just a dream

    Forever Young blog

    If you want to look 21 forever, the time to start thinking about how to achieve that is NOW, even if you’re only in your 20’s and have nice wrinkle-free smooth skin. So, how can you future-proof your skin and you appearance? When it comes to treating the signs of aging, many people used to…

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    Achieving Beauty Should Not Be Painful

    Is fear of pain keeping you away from getting the aesthetic treatments and procedures you want? If so, you are not alone. One of the most common concerns for patients before trying a new aesthetic treatment or service is: will it hurt? Most treatments don’t hurt. With some, like Botox® Cosmetic injections, you might feel…

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    What's the difference between Juvéderm fillers?

    The rising popularity of dermal fillers has lead to the creation of many different types, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. While having more choice is a good thing, we know that choosing between filler treatments can get confusing. If you have been considering an injectable filler, but are confused by all of the…

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    Turn Up the Lip Volume

    Like it or not, all lips lose volume over time as a result of aging. Even the red pigment fades. Both of these are thanks to the degradation of collagen and elastin as well as the decrease in moisture levels. You can’t stop this process. But you can slow it and work around it. Here’s…

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    What is Facial Volume Loss and Why Does It Matter?

    Age affects all areas of the body but the one that we’re going to focus on today is the face, in particular the cheek area. If you take pictures of someone over years of time, what you’ll notice is that the cheek area changes shape. This is actually all about fat. When we’re young, the…

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    RBF – Get Your Own Mona Lisa Smile

    Reading the Sunday New York Times Style Section, I came upon an article featuring the gorgeous and cool, yet sometimes sinister-looking photos of female celebrities. Some were young, some were old, but one factor lumped them together. They suffer from what is now called (I kid you not) RBF – Resting Bitch Face! The title…

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    The End of Tired Looking Eyes?

    It’s hard to calculate the number of times my patients have asked me whether it’s possible to remove dark circles from under their eyes. This is a particularly difficult dilemma in some cases, as when the circles are the result of genetic factors. In truth, just as pert noses or rosy lips are inherited characteristics,…

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    Do I Really Need a Medical Doctor for My Aesthetic Procedures?

    You’ve all seen photos online or shows on TV: devastating results of injectable and other aesthetic procedures and treatments administered by non-medical non-board certified personnel. The results can be dreadful. Have you seen the latest TV reality show called Botched? It features women (and a few men) who have gone in for some form of…

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