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Take Care of Your Skin Under the Mask

Woman with Mask Getting Fresh Air

Wearing a face mask has become the new normal. But while you help protect yourself and others from germs, your skin might be a little more stressed than usual—especially if your skin is prone to acne or other conditions. People with acne-prone skin will be more susceptible to developing acne; people with sensitive skin or eczema may…

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Optimize Health and Immunity

Some things we can’t control—but good self-care practices optimize our health and immunity. Now more than ever, it’s time to take control of your health. We will get through this together!             Eat Well: Now more than ever, this is important, as it is paramount for a healthy immune system.…

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We Care About Your Safety as Well as Your Aesthetic

For your safety, and that of our staff, we are implementing COVID-19 procedures to minimize everyone’s exposure to respiratory pathogens. Please note that we may need to make adjustments to these procedures based on changing guidelines from the CDC. We will review the new protocols when you schedule your appointment. We have changed our schedule,…

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truSculpt® iD vs CoolSculpting®

truSculpt iD & Coolsculpting Competitive Comparison

How Heat-Based Treatment Stacks Up Against Fat Freezing truSculpt® iD is a revolutionary new body-sculpting treatment that offers tremendous results for both men and women looking to reduce fat and contour their bodies safely and comfortably. Using heat-based technology, how does truSculpt® iD stack up against cold-based treatments like CoolSculpting®? Let’s take a look at…

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For Men: Aging Doesn’t Discriminate So Why Should Cosmetic Treatments?

Brotox - Botox for men in Pittsburgh

Age doesn’t discriminate between males and females, and neither does the treatment that can help both achieve younger-looking skin. Though women make up the largest group of patients who choose cosmetic treatments for aging-related concerns, Pittsburgh BOTOX® specialist Dr. Roxana Barad, of Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center in Pittsburgh, is seeing an increase in men…

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Protect Your Skin from UVB Radiation with Fernblock

FernBlock® has shown remarkable effectiveness in shielding skin against dangerous ultraviolet exposure

Have you been dreaming about catching some summer sun rays or lazing on the beach for hours? Perhaps you’re a tanning bed bunny. Whether you’re one for indoor or outdoor tanning, it is vital that you protect yourself against the damage this can cause to your skin and your health in general. More people are…

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I’m In Love – With Permanent Makeup!

In love with permanent makeup Pittsburgh

In my wildest imagination, I never thought that I would ever get a tattoo – nor did many of my friends – until we discovered permanent makeup. Now, with a variety of applications depending on our needs and desires, we all look better all day long. Permanent makeup is applied like a tattoo to create…

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Forever young? It’s not just a dream

Forever Young blog

If you want to look 21 forever, the time to start thinking about how to achieve that is NOW, even if you’re only in your 20’s and have nice wrinkle-free smooth skin. So, how can you future-proof your skin and you appearance? When it comes to treating the signs of aging, many people used to…

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Essential Tips for Skin Care During Cancer Treatment (or Anytime)

Healthy Skin Tips

Skin is your largest organ and the first line of defense against infection. During chemotherapy, good skin care is not just cosmetic, it is also an essential part of your treatment. We’ve all heard that chemotherapy causes hair to fall out, but chemotherapy can cause your skin to become drier and more fragile than ever…

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What should you consider when choosing a tattoo removal clinic.

What should I consider when-choosing a tattoo removal clinic

Times change. Fashions change. Basically, life changes. But tattoos are forever. Or are they? Tattoo removal has become one of today’s most popular aesthetic treatments. According to a recent poll, 1 in 4 adults with tattoos experienced tattoo regret. New, advanced laser tattoo removal technology has made it possible for unwanted tattoos to be more…

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