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A side effect of the aging process is a loss of facial volume in the cheek area. The cheekbones are not as well-defined as they were during youth.

What is needed is a treatment that restores cheek volume and the associated gentle, youthful curves. This is exactly what JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is designed to do:

  • Replenish skin volume to regain the youthful curve to the cheek
  • Enhance the overall shape of your face
  • Add fullness to areas that need a little support
  • Everyone Will Notice, But No One Will Know

Your face will be fuller, rounder and more youthful after treatment. Patients have reported that their friends see something is different, that they look healthy and glowing.

How Does It Work?

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC has recently been approved by the FDA but has been available in Europe and Canada for years. It is based on Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which occurs naturally in the skin. It has unique lifting capabilities and lasts almost twice as long as other fillers, sometimes up to two years. Since it is HA, it can be molded and shaped to produce the desired outcome after injection.

What Else Should You Know About JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC?

  • First and only Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler FDA-approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area, resulting in a subtle lift
  • Clinically proven to last up to 2 years with optimal treatment
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is from the makers of the #1 family of fillers
  • After 24 hours, you should be able to resume your normal activities
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Juvéderm® Collection of fillers important information

Dr. Roxana Barad, M.D

By Dr. Roxana Barad, MD, FAACS

Dr. Barad is the only aesthetic physician in Pittsburgh applying a holistic approach to her aesthetic practice. She founded the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center to help people look and feel their best. She personally sees every patient interested in rejuvenation and is known for her artistic eye and superior skills. About Dr. Roxana Barad

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