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    PERMANENT Makeup

    Pittsburgh permanent makeupPermanent Makeup is a procedure of applying micro insertions of medical grade colored pigment onto the dermal layer of the skin - a medical grade tattoo. Common applications include brows, lips, and eyeliner. Permanent makeup is a solution for both cosmetic and medical-related purposes, used to replace the loss of brows due to chemotherapy treatments as well as areola restoration for post-mastectomies.

    Each permanent makeup application is as unique as the person who receives it. Before your procedure, we will discuss your cosmetic preferences and recommend a look that is right for you. Our Certified Advanced Intradermal Cosmetic Technician, has the required skills, artistic abilities and knowledge of color theory that have produced beautiful results for many happy patients. She also has the ability to correct past undesired results.

    One of the advantages of permanent makeup is that results are immediate and permanent.

    In addition to adding color to areas that may need a boost, permanent makeup is a great solution for people who:

    • Want the convenience of not having to worry about makeup
    • Have very blonde or light hair
    • Have thinning or sparse eyebrows/eyelashes
    • Have active lifestyles and want time-saving convenience
    • Wear contact lenses
    • Have difficulty applying cosmetic makeup
    • Experience irritation from cosmetics
    • Loss of brows due to chemotherapy treatments
    • Areola restoration post breast augmentation

    The procedure is relatively comfortable with a topical anesthetic applied to numb the area. NOTE: Color will appear darker initially but will lighten after the first couple of weeks.

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