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Reviews & Testimonials

"I enjoyed meeting you and the other office staff at my consultation. All made me feel welcome as soon as I arrived. I was impressed with Dr. Barad who also made me feel comfortable knowing this was my first experience. Her professional and honest evaluation regarding my aesthetic facial improvements alleviated my concerns. I will be calling soon to schedule an appointment."

- Pat

I'm totally thrilled with my results. I would personally recommend Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center to any of my friends. From the quality medical service, to the friendly front desk staff, to the level of biosafety sanitation: everything has been excellent.

- Melissa T.

“Had an initial appointment and facial with Shana. She was knowledgeable, listened to my concerns and sent me away with useful advice and fresh feeling skin. I'll be back!”

– Mary D.

“For most of my life I have suffered the embarrassment of Rosacea. In meetings I always looked angry or embarrassed when I was not, so I was not taken seriously. I just got my first treatment with Shana yesterday, she is a sweetheart! I can already see a vast difference in my skin and I am so excited to go back for the next treatment. It is very affordable and at no time did I ever feel overcharged, the cost is very fair. I can't say enough about the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center.”

- Jo M.

“Even with a very healthy diet and regular exercise I had love handles that were there to stay. SculpSure has reduced them and the results are permanent. I recommend this procedure for anyone who has a persistent area that does not respond with diet and exercise. Dr. Barad and her staff are professional and well educated in the procedure and honest about the results you should expect.”

– Tammy D.

“If you are looking for a physician who has the skill, understanding, training, and an artistic eye for providing fillers, Botox, skin care etc.... You must visit the Aesthetic Skin and Laser Center !!! I have been to many providers in this industry and I can say Dr. Barad is the best, call today and make an appointment for a consultation!!”

– Happy C.

“The office is clean and relaxing. Erin, who works at the front desk, is very professional and makes you feel welcomed. The aesthetician I was treated by, is very knowledgeable about skin problems. I just loved working with Rosemary - great personality, truly loves her work. Dr Barad’s Illuminated SkinCare products are reasonably priced and really work! Check it out for yourself - visit Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center.”

- T.S.

“The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable. Even before I went in, I got so much information about the treatment and equipment. I’m really pleased with my services and the results.”

– N.T.

“I have nothing but the utmost respect for Dr Barad’s keen aesthetic eye. She is a true artist.”

– James

“I’ve tried diet and lots of exercise to get rid of the fat pockets between my buttocks and my thighs. It just wouldn’t go away. So I decided to try SculpSure, particularly because I understood it would be painless and not invasive. I’m really glad that I did. Within several weeks of having the first very easy treatment I noticed a difference and I believe that my pants look better too. I’m going to schedule another appointment to see how much more improvement I can get.”

– Barbara

"Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and being so “on top” of things. I contacted a few different places since I have never had any skin procedures done and you were, by far, the most helpful and the quickest to respond. Great first impression of Aesthetic Skin & Laser!"

– Lauren H.

I have been bothered by my acne and facial hair for all of my life. Because I am a physician and leery about aggressive beauty treatments, I have been wearing make up for the last 15 years to hide this problem. After meeting Dr. Barad and talking to her about my problems and discovering all the scientific reasons to do a specific treatment, I knew that I was in good hands. After only 3 laser treatments for acne and 2 for hair removal (that´s all the time I had in Pittsburgh) my skin is much brighter, less greasy and looks so clean that I don´t need make up every day. In addition, I am following Dr. Barad´s recommendations for acne patients. I am using DrBarad Illuminated SkinCare, clarisonic, and I am following her nutritional and makeup recommendations. I know it is a treatment for life, but it is really worth it and I regret that I didn´t do it before. Finding the appropriate team was essential to put my face in their hands. The staff at the ASLC is awesome. Thank you.

– Laura Gonzalez Garcia, MD, PhD, Malaga, Spain

“I went to the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center a couple of days ago for tattoo removal and am quite impressed! I was very nervous since this was my very first treatment and the staff worked so well together as a team that they decreased my anxiety level and the entire appointment was wonderful! I have more sessions to go, and can’t wait to go back for my next treatment and see the results!”

“Everyone at Aesthetic Laser Center & Med-Spa is welcoming and friendly from the time you come in the door. Every time I go there, I know it will be a good experience and I always leave feeling good about my treatments.”

– R.K.

“I was nervous when I went in for my consult… I didn’t know what to expect The staff is great and made me feel really comfortable and Dr. Barad is kind and honest…will tell you what’s available and what you can expect.”

– A.M.

“Dr. Barad has a keen eye for the face and does a fabulous job at targeting areas where you can get improvement.”

– N.S.

“They are really nice and make you feel comfortable. They know what to do and are very gentle. I’m really pleased with my results!”

– L.M.

“I came to Dr. Barad because I was frustrated with derms and other doctors. I wanted acne treatment without all the antibiotics. I’m pleased with my services – they exceeded my expectations!”

– J.B.

“Dr. Barad really understands eyes. She’s the one to go to if you dan’t want to trust your eyes to just anyone.”

– C.H.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Roxana Barad for more than 10 years. She is intelligent, well-qualified, and exceptionally talented. I both respect and trust Dr Barad. Her insight and judgement are excellent. Plus, she’s a practicing ophthalmologist, and eye safety is essential to her.

Dr. Barad is polite and professional. She doesn’t do much chit chatting in the treatment room. Rather, she’s intensely concentrating on your face/skin along with specialized photos of your face/skin. She reminds me of a professional tennis player going through the mental process of visualizing each step in the serve before executing the game winning ace. And I’ve only seen her serve aces. She simply won’t do a treatment that would yield an unsuccessful or harmful outcome, no matter how much a patient wants it or would pay for it.

Her staff, place, and facilities are all great, great, great. Actually, the staff are super great.”

– Julie D

“Most women have a body part that they feel they can improve…for me it was my upper arms. I was introduced to the SculpSure procedure at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center and decided it was a good solution for me. The procedure was a non-invasive way for me to reduce my stubborn fat in the upper arm area. I was in the office for about 60 minutes and I experienced minimal discomfort. The overall experience was very good. I was provided information and was well-informed about the details before and during the process. After the procedure there was no swelling, bruising or discomfort. It’s been 8 weeks since the procedure and the results are very much what was expected. I would say that there was about a 25-30% reduction in my upper arms and I can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. I would not hesitate to have this procedure for other body parts.”

– Lin

“I am so pleased with the services I received from Dr. Barad. I saw her because I was tired of looking in the mirror and being disappointed with what I saw – eye bags and diminishing facial volume. I’ve gotten facial filler in the past but was very nervous to get it again due to a bad experience with Belotero at another clinic. After my consult, Dr. Barad recommended her special pre-treatment regime to prevent or minimize bruising. I followed it precisely but was still nervous to get the filler – especially around my eyes! I am beyond happy to report that I got Restylane (for eyes) and Voluma (for cheeks) injected by Dr. Barad and was able to leave her office 10 minutes later without makeup and without any bruising. I had ZERO downtime! I am now happy to look in the mirror again! She is the best!”

– B.F.

“I will like to thank Nina for her great personality and services that was given to me twice for the chemical peels – She made me feel great again about my face and insured me there was help for my skin – Indeed it was. This is a great place to go for chemical peels and other acne problems. Thanks Nina and staff you are a winner!”

– D.G.

“When I first considered permanent eye liner I was nervous. Would it hurt, would I like it, can I afford it? I had all of my questions answered and I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. No more raccoon eyes during hot and humid days or when I get out of the pool and I spend less time applying make-up. It has been 5 1/2 years and it still looks great! If you have ever considered permanent make-up, I highly recommend Violet at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center.”

“Dr. Barad is dynamite. I’ve worked with other doctors before…. She’s different. She really understands what people want and how to achieve those results.”

– C.H.

“They are respectful of your personal situation and budget and they work with you to get the best results. I’m really pleased with my services and the results.”

– K.C.

“Dr. Barad is very talented. Her results are great.”

– S.M.

“I really like the way Dr. Barad does things. She has a really good eye and is very artistic. She knows how much to do and get good results without going over the top .”

– L.L.

“They are great working one on one with people. You feel very comfortable with them and confident that they know what they are doing. My results were better than I hoped for!.”

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