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LASER HAIR removal


If you are fed up with costly non-permanent, painful hair removal solutions like plucking, shaving, and waxing that can still leave you with embarrassing hairs on your neck, chin or upper lip or unsightly razor burn, it’s time you considered laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by using light energy and heat to penetrate hair follicles, disabling and then destroying them at the root while preserving surrounding skin. Results appear after the first treatment with continued benefits visible with each additional treatment. Most patients feel treatment is not painful, however, since everyone has a different pain tolerance, we cannot say this process is pain-free for all patients. Patients describe the treatment as feeling as if a rubber band is snapping your skin. Most patients don’t require anesthetics.

Ultimately, laser hair removal success depends on an individual’s unique skin and hair traits, the quality of the laser technology being used and, very importantly, the skill of the person administering the treatment. The laser beam is attracted to the hair follicle melanin (dark color of the hair). Melanin is also in the skin, making laser hair removal possible but more complex for tanned or darker skin people. Likewise, blonde, red and grey hairs are more difficult to treat simply because the laser is better attracted to the darker hair colors. With that said, our state-of-the-art technology and equipment can treat most hair colors. We also have unique technology, called SkinTel, that allows us to safely treat all skin colors. It measures the melanin content in the skin and then offers the technician the parameters that are safe for each individual.

Our expertly trained laser technicians have the experience and training to ensure the best results for you each and every time. Pricing is customized to fit your needs and procedure goals.

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