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    Acne Treatment

    Take Care of Your Skin Under the Mask

    Woman with Mask Getting Fresh Air

    Wearing a face mask has become the new normal. But while you help protect yourself and others from germs, your skin might be a little more stressed than usual—especially if your skin is prone to acne or other conditions. People with acne-prone skin will be more susceptible to developing acne; people with sensitive skin or eczema…

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    Want To Look Like Katy Perry? I Can Help!

    In truth, I can’t make you look like Katy Perry, but I can help you achieve her glowing, gorgeous, complexion. And that’s a pretty great way to start loving your skin. Believe it or not, like many of us, Katy Perry has acne. Not a superficial blemish now and then, but full-blown acne. Yet, when…

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