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Want To Look Like Katy Perry? I Can Help!

In truth, I can’t make you look like Katy Perry, but I can help you achieve her glowing, gorgeous, complexion. And that’s a pretty great way to start loving your skin.

Believe it or not, like many of us, Katy Perry has acne. Not a superficial blemish now and then, but full-blown acne. Yet, when we look at her, one of the characteristics that we can’t help but notice is a creamy complexion.

Many of us see someone with a beautiful complexion, clear skin, small pores – and we wonder how she (or he) has achieved it. It’s something that everyone wants. Unfortunately, only a very few come by it naturally. For the rest of us, especially those with acne, that refinement of the complexion takes some effort. But it’s well worth it.

Acne, an inflammatory skin condition that affects the oil glands in your skin, is much more than an appearance issue. Whenever acne strikes it can create problems – not only physical, but often, psychological. Those with acne may find themselves suffering from social anxiety because they don’t want to show their faces. Sometimes others who look at those with acne might think that the sufferer is not washing or taking care of their skin. In most instances, nothing can be further from the truth. Although there is ongoing research into what causes acne and how to control it, it is clear that diet, hormones and stress are big causative factors.

Acne can affect anyone at any age and can run the gamut from minor to severe. Many teenagers have it; many adults never got rid of it; some don’t get the condition until they are adults. Those with acne can try to cover up with heavy foundations and powders, but they can exacerbate the condition and they never really look their best with heavy coverage. Acne can be the bane of anyone’s existence, even for the likes of Rihanna or Cameron Diaz.

When my patients come to me with troubled skin, I never minimize their hurt or concern. There’s not a single one of us who doesn’t have a memory of having a blemish that made us feel self-conscious or even unattractive. Acne is not just one blemish now and then. It’s a real issue and one that requires medical intervention. As anyone with troubled skin knows, considerable effort may be needed to treat the condition, and even more effort is required if acne is to be controlled over the long term.

Acne medication and skin care is advertised on TV and magazines all the time. Who hasn’t seen the infomercials? Did Adam Levine get to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive because he allegedly uses Proactiv®? Are we really supposed to believe that Proactiv® alone cleared up Alicia Keys’ or Britney Spears’ acne? I seriously doubt it. There is actually a term in the Dermatology lexicon for those that have tried this system: “Proactive failures.”

Let’s face the truth: the high-profile celebrities who claim their severe acne has cleared, have done more than apply a special cream or cleanser to their skin. They have likely combined a skin care program with an extensive and consistent intervention of treatment modalities that might include lasers and lights that help treat cystic acne and skin blemishes.

Because acne is a multi-factorial condition, making it different in each individual, a consistent but personalized skin care regimen is most effective. With this in mind, the ASLC is offering a special Acne Independence Package to help you gain control and get the skin you want and deserve.

Starting in July 2015, for one flat fee of $1200, for a full three months you will receive as many acne treatments at you need at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center. We will create a customized treatment plan and team up with you to gain control of your acne with long-term results.

The basic Acne Independence Package includes:

Acleara treatment weekly – $2100 value
Microdermabrasion monthly – $360 value
Steam/extract as needed – $500 value
Buddy Sonic Cleansing System- $69 value
A custom take-home kit to compliment the in-office treatments

Acne in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding is treated with Windex®. Cute for a movie premise, but very far from the truth. Like any chronic medical condition, a specialist’s guidance is the way toward management of it.

So – you want to look like Katy Perry’s or Daniel Radcliff’s AFTER photos? Don’t wait another moment! Call and schedule your private consultation and take the first step toward glowing, clear skin.

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