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Hair Restoration for Men and Women with KeraLase® and KeraFactor®

ASLC is delighted to be able to provide this remarkably effective way to increase hair growth.

While everyone is different, the appearance of thicker, healthier hair may be visible within three months of treatment when following the prescribed protocol. Most patients see even more improvement over the next 2-4 months. Of course, we cannot guarantee a response for all patients.

Men and women of all ages with thinning hair can benefit from KeraLase® treatments. It may even help with loss of hair in the brows – but not if the hairs have been over-plucked and so no viable follicles remain.

Each treatment session will begin with a KeraLase scalp treatment, followed immediately by the application of the KeraFactor® serum.

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The recommended treatment regimen is:
One treatment session every 2 weeks for 12 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. We also recommend applying KeraFactor® Spray at home each day between treatments.

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The procedure involves using a specially designed laser (KeraLase®) to create tiny “microchannels” in the scalp. These microchannels increase absorption of compounds. KeraFactor® is then infused into these microchannels, which stimulates improved function of the hair follicles, resulting in hair growth.

The KeraFactor® formula provides nutrients to the hair follicles and improves scalp circulation for natural-looking, healthy hair. Kerafactor® is a proprietary blend of seven concentrated bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins. These proteins are wrapped in a nanoliposome carrier to facilitate absorption into the skin. In combination with the Keralase® treatment, there is 5-7 times increased absorption.

This patent-pending technology is based on six years of extensive research to address thinning hair. The formula combines a very specific set of seven bio-identical growth factors for scalp revitalization, wrapped in a nanoliposome “shell” for increased absorption, that are typically deficient in scalp skin during times of hair loss or poor hair health.

No other commercially available topical product includes the complete set of growth factors, nor the significantly higher concentrations of each growth factor included in the KeraFactor® formula.

Even transplanted hair will benefit from the absorption of Kerafactor® growth factors and follicle-supporting proteins in the same manner as existing hair follicles.

Frequently Asked Questions about KeraLase Hair Rejuvenation

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