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About Roxana Barad, MD, FAACS

Experienced, Talented and Passionate about Aesthetics

Dr. Roxana Barad founded the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center to help people look and feel their best. Her practice offers the latest science-based options for those who struggle with problems associated with aging skin, imperfect complexions, acne, unwanted hair and hair loss, unwanted tattoos, body contour concerns, and sexual wellness concerns. The mission of the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center is to holistically help people optimize their overall appearance and wellbeing. Dr. Barad is well known in Pittsburgh for her aesthetic expertise, artistic eye, holistic approach and keen ability to help people achieve the natural look they desire, and achieve overall revitalization. And while her medical practice has been thriving for the past 20 years, her interest in aesthetics actually goes all the way back to her childhood.

“I developed an early appreciation for this field as my mother opened the first skin care studios in the Bay Area of California. She was, and is, an aesthetician, having trained in Paris, France. My mother instilled in me the importance of skin care and sun protection - and stimulated my interest in aesthetics. After completing medical school, residency and fellowship, and entering private practice, I blended all my loves - medicine, art, skin care and science, to create my current practice. Over the years I also developed an interest in alternative medicine as my involvement in anti-aging medicine has evolved. There is evidence that natural pathways to health have wide-reaching ramifications which reflect in one’s appearance and wellbeing. The skin, as the largest organ of our body, reflects one’s general health, hormone balance, nutritional state, and psychological state. An integrative approach to skin care and rejuvenation optimizes aesthetic outcomes and ultimately can improve health.”

Dr. Barad is the only aesthetic physician in Pittsburgh applying a holistic approach to her aesthetic practice. She personally sees every patient interested in rejuvenation and is known for her artistic eye and superior skills. Recognized in the industry for her aesthetic talents, Dr. Barad has been selected by manufacturers to train other physicians and medical professionals.

Quality Credentials • Expertise Through Experience

Roxana Barad, MD is a board-certified physician and oculoplastic surgeon. She attended medical school at Albany Medical College in New York, followed by an internship at Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She completed her residency in ophthalmology at the prestigious Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, followed by fellowship training at Harvard. With over 20 years experience, Dr. Barad has gained a wide breadth of experience in the continually expanding aesthetic and wellness field. Dr. Barad is a Fellow and Trustee of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Board Member and Secretary of the Cosmetic Surgery Foundation, and Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

A Doctor Other Doctors Come To For Training and Treatment

Recognized in the industry for her skills, Dr. Barad has been selected by manufacturers to train other physicians and medical professionals in the aesthetic use of Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Sculptra®. She has trained physicians from all over the United States and has treated many of them for their own personal aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Barad lectured at the AACS 2024 national meeting about fillers

Dr. Barad lectured about fillers at the AACS 2024 national meeting.

Barad Roxana CSF Tile 2024_

Dr. Barad Shares Expertise on Fillers at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Roxana Barad lectured on the latest techniques for use of different dermal fillers around the eye, at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) 2024 national conference. Dr. Barad's presentation highlighted innovative techniques for a naturally revitalized appearance.

Dr. Barad emphasized the importance of selecting the appropriate filler for individual needs and ensuring expert placement for safe, optimal, and long-lasting results.

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