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As summer approaches some of my clients are coming to me for help with a problem they’ve had in the past but want to avoid in the future: hyperhidrosis. This is an annoying and persistent condition that I’ve discussed in a previous blog, but it is serious enough for me to want to remind those…

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You’re already asking, “What in the world is hyperhidrosis?” Well, if you don’t know the word, you probably don’t suffer from it. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It can occur in your feet or hands, but most significantly, it can be excessive armpit sweating. This is the kind of sweating that soaks a person’s clothes and…

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One of thirty-five people within the U.S. report that, for them, excessive underarm sweating is a significant problem.The actual number of people suffering from this problem may actually be higher as many are embarrassed by the condition, and thus don’t report it, or are unaware that treatment is available. A novel treatment using optimized continuous…

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