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Summer Refreshers – Laser Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Summer Refreshers – Laser Treatment for HyperhidrosisYou’re already asking, “What in the world is hyperhidrosis?” Well, if you don’t know the word, you probably don’t suffer from it. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It can occur in your feet or hands, but most significantly, it can be excessive armpit sweating. This is the kind of sweating that soaks a person’s clothes and presents itself at the most embarrassing times and unfortunate places. Permanent remedies for this condition have now been discovered. And now, before the heat and humidity of summer sets in, is the time to make your appointment. The procedure is easy and really effective.

Can you imagine this? Before modern treatment methods were discovered, surgery was required. The underarm skin was actually removed in order to surgically remove the sweat glands. The procedure required skin grafts and scraping of the dermis. What a terribly painful thought.

Now though, we can use a specialized laser with very specific wavelengths that target only the glands and not the skin. So, your skin will not be burned by the laser treatment. The fat and water within the sweat glands absorb the energy. The sweat glands are, in essence, made ineffective and the sweating is thereby stopped. Don’t worry – your body will still find a way to get eliminate what needs to be eliminated!

This cutting edge treatment is not suggested for those with occasional sweating or sweating that is adequately controlled with an antiperspirant. It’s really intended for those who are diagnosed with the condition called hyperhidrosis. In studies that proved the tremendous effect of the laser treatment, the affected subjects measured 15 times more sweat than the normal range for the general population prior to the laser treatment, yet were normalized afterwards.

Botox is another treatment remedy for hyperhidrosis in less severe cases. But with Botox®, of course, just as it dissipates over time on your face, it will dissipate in your underarms, meaning that you will need repeat treatments. Laser really is a breakthrough discovery. Since the laser treatment targets the sweat glands, and there is no medical evidence that sweat glands regenerate, laser treatment is regarded as permanent control of excessive sweating.

We all have more than 2,000,000 sweat glands in our body. The purpose of most of these sweat glands is to eliminate waste and cool the body. That’s not the case with underarm glands however. Because of their peculiar composition, the underarm glands produce an odorless secretion that has the result of coating and sticking to the skin. In turn, that stickiness is what allows bacteria to grow and stay attached to the skin, sometimes causing an odor. So, eliminate the sweat glands and you eliminate not only the secretion, but the odor as well. And, you do not in any way impact the body’s ability to cool itself down.

If you or someone you know suffers from this condition, get in touch with the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center. We’ll gladly talk to you about how your problem – one you’ve probably suffered from all your life – can be remedied.

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