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Is Summer Too Wet For You? Laser treatment for Hyperhidrosis.

Laser treatment for HyperhidrosisAs summer approaches some of my clients are coming to me for help with a problem they’ve had in the past but want to avoid in the future: hyperhidrosis. This is an annoying and persistent condition that I’ve discussed in a previous blog, but it is serious enough for me to want to remind those who suffer with it that there is a solution. Reminder: hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It’s not a mere annoyance, but a recognized medical and cosmetic condition that can be treated. Excessive sweating can occur in your feet or hands, but most significantly and commonly, it is excessive armpit sweating. This is the kind of sweating that soaks a person’s clothes and is persistent and difficult to control with antiperspirants. And, actually, the super strong antiperspirants that you see advertised on television for the control of excessive sweating contain really toxic ingredients!

Now, before the heat and humidity of summer sets in, if you are bothered by hyperhidrosis, is the time to consider a more permanent solution for this annoying condition. In the past, Botox® was a reasonable treatment choice, but not a permanent one. Although Botox® can be successful for temporary control of the condition, it must be repeated about every 6 months.

Now though, we have a new laser at my office. This specialized laser has very specific wavelengths that target only the sweat glands and not the skin. The beauty of this treatment modality is twofold: your skin will not be burned by the laser treatment and the result is permanent.

The laser, in essence, renders the sweat glands totally ineffective and the sweating is thereby stopped. Also, if sweat odor is problem for you, this treatment relieves the stink also. Don’t worry – you body has other ways to eliminate what needs to be eliminated! This cutting edge treatment is not suggested for those with occasional sweating or sweating that is adequately controlled with a mild deodorant.

Laser really is a breakthrough discovery for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Since the laser treatment targets the sweat glands, and there is no medical evidence that sweat glands can regenerate, laser treatment is regarded as permanent. And, most people only need a single laser session.
Stop ruining your clothes or feeling the need to wear an undershirt to soak up the sweat! Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself when the fear and concern can be eliminated. If you or someone you know suffers from this condition, get in touch with us at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center. We will gladly talk to you about how hyperhidrosis can be remedied with a relatively simple in-office procedure.

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