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The End of Tired Looking Eyes?

The end of tired eyesIt’s hard to calculate the number of times my patients have asked me whether it’s possible to remove dark circles from under their eyes. This is a particularly difficult dilemma in some cases, as when the circles are the result of genetic factors. In truth, just as pert noses or rosy lips are inherited characteristics, in most cases, so are dark circles. Unfortunately, dark lower eyelid circles can make you look tired or sad, and like any shadow, crease, wrinkle or dark spot, can change the entire appearance of your face in an unattractive way. For some, dark circles are transitory, the result of too many late nights, an extra drink or two, or too much stress. These cases require just a careful application of makeup for a temporary fix. For others, make up is not enough.

The very first thing I do when faced with the “dark circle dilemma” is work with you to establish the cause of the circles. Only then, can we create a treatment plan. Sometimes the darkness comes from the loss of under eye fat or bulging fat that creates hills and valleys, or from very thin, nearly translucent skin that reveals the blue color of the underlying veins. Just as you may notice broken blood vessels around your nose, similarly you may notice them under your eyes. Or, the skin itself may have a darker pigmentation, as in those of Mediterranean descent.

Whatever the cause, I can help you find a treatment plan to address the problematic appearance. But, unlike a shot of Botox® to your brow which gives quick results, effective under-eye treatments must proceed slowly and carefully. In addition, the corrective process usually requires the use of a combination of modalities, which might include volume restoration, laser and bleaching. How many treatments are “layered” depends on the degree of change you need. Together we will decide on a realistic level of change and improvement.

Sometimes, adding volume is sufficient. But, when pigmentation itself is the culprit in formation of dark circles, more treatment is generally called for. Once it is concluded that increased pigmentation in the skin is the primary cause, I am able to create a personalized plans of action, which will include in-office treatments, and a home regimen, which depends on the sensitivity of your skin.

We also refine the process continually over the course of the treatment period. Because of the proximity to your eye, we must be gentle. While many dermatologists and aestheticians may offer under eye treatments for dark circles, I strongly urge you to seek an oculoplastic surgeon, such as myself, for treatment of this delicate area.

Call today for a consultation to learn about the possibilities that await.

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