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The ‘Selfie’ – the Quickest Way to Get Your Face on the Internet and Into the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center!

The other day, a new patient walked into my office holding her smart phone. That was a bit unusual inasmuch as when I meet a new person, I expect that we will give each other our full and undivided attention. Within a moment, however, I understood why the smart phone was actually important to our initial consultation. When I asked my question, “What brings you in today?” she handed me her phone and simply said, “This.” “This” was a selfie she had taken at a girls’ night out dinner. She didn’t like what she saw and had come to me for a fix.

Selfies are not the only way in which we get to take a hard look at ourselves, but they are the modern way. We see ourselves in our bathroom, foyer or office mirrors every day, several times a day. For many of us, that means that we aren’t really taking a good hard look anymore. To say nothing of the fact that bathroom lighting often is flattering. And in meeting rooms, for example, we don’t see ourselves at all, so we have no idea of how we may appear to others. A selfie, on the other hand, is taken in the moment, in bad light, and maybe without makeup. It’s more like the old “come as you are” party.

What you see in a selfie is what you get – and sometimes that’s not such a great thing! It’s not the same as posing for a picture and getting a chance to adjust your smile or avoid the photo opportunity all together. Seeing the candid unrehearsed shot may be just the jolt of reality we need to start wondering “what can I do to improve?” or “Is it time for a touchup?”

I actually suggest that if you are deciding whether you are ready to start rejuvenating and tightening, you take a few selfies. Take them in different light and at different times of the day. Take them when you are not dressed up, maybe when you are dashing out to the grocery store. Then, study these photos. Do you like what you see? If so, then be satisfied with yourself and count yourself among fortunate.

But, if you don’t like what you see, it’s time to schedule a visit here. I can help you turn the selfie you don’t feel so good about, into one that will make you smile the next time someone tells you to “say cheese!”

By using a variety of non-surgical techniques, I can make your eyes shine more brightly, lift your cheeks, smooth the nasal-labial fold, eliminate fine lines and age spots and even give your skin and neck better texture, elasticity and generally improve the overall appearance. So, if your selfies don’t show you at your best, why not schedule an appointment today?

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