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Suffering from Rosacea? We have the answer!

Rosacea, while not physically debilitating, may be psychologically debilitating. The red skin, unattractive bumps and pustules, bulbous or reddish nose may make you feel self-conscious. The symptoms may cause you to avoid going out in public. Or, if you do go out you may, wittingly or unwittingly, have developed habits that make you look as though you lack self-confidence. Just as someone with crooked teeth may avoid smiling, thereby leaving the impression of dourness or anger, someone with Rosacea may cover their face with their hands or look down at their feet rather than look directly into someone else’s eyes. These little “ticks” may cause you to seem unfriendly, disinterested, self-conscious or shy. It’s tough to get someone to trust you and believe in you when you can’t look at them directly. And, even in our environment of long-distance communications, sometimes a face-to-face meeting is the key to getting a job or securing a new client. If Rosacea is holding you back, it’s incumbent upon you to find the right measure to get you back on your feet and the road to personal comfort with how you look.

First of all, if you have Rosacea, you are not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 20 people suffer from it at some level. That said, Dr Ted Grossbart, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School believes, “It would be hard to invent a more embarrassing disease than Rosacea.” The results of a recent survey show that 76% of patients felt that Rosacea on their face had lowered their self-confidence and self-esteem, 63% felt it had made it difficult for them to establish new relationships, and more than 40% had cancelled face-to-face meetings because of it. Not only that, as anyone with Rosacea has experienced, stress makes it worse. So, you can find yourself in a cycle where avoidance leads to stress, leads to an outbreak, leads to avoidance … to stress … to an outbreak – you get the picture.

When I first started my dedication to aesthetics, I was thinking in terms of maximizing appearance and helping people stay younger and fresher looking. I still do that and believe in that. However, there is more. It has been proven that when we look better, we feel better. And, when we feel better, we do better physically and psychologically.

That’s why the problems associated with Rosacea are something I am truly dedicated to addressing. Though these problems may be challenging, treatment at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center is attacking them directly. Our OPL therapy will help you with your Rosacea, just as it helps with the small broken capillaries you may have around your nose and with sun damage spots on your cheeks. We proceed slowly and cautiously, never too much as one time, so that your skin is freshened, brightened and rejuvenated.

Having Rosacea does not necessarily mean suffering with Rosacea any longer. OPL therapy has been shown to be more effective at addressing this condition than all topical treatments available to date! And the benefits go beyond just treating the disease, as the skin quality is also improved! See what wonders it can do for your skin and how it can revitalize your appearance and you’re your self-confidence.

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