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Pore Minimizing

As we age, we notice changes in the surface of our skin. Large pores are a common problem, especially for those who have a history of oily skin. This becomes something that affects almost every one of us as we get older. Aging exacerbates pore size, creating a problem even for those who have always had “normal” skin. As we address wrinkles, pigmentation and other facial flaws, we increasingly focus on smaller imperfections.

Pores enlarge as we age because skin turnover slows, allowing the pores to become clogged, so that over time the tiny openings stretch out. Hormonal changes also change the signal to the skin so that less collagen and elastin is produced, weakening the walls of the pores so that they begin to gape.

Although topical estrogen can improve pores, it can also cause other hormonal problems and acne breakouts. Better and more reliable than estrogen for minimizing pore appearance are lasers, certain peels, exfoliating treatments and retinoid topicals.

The retinoids work by signaling cells to make more collagen and elastin, as well as causing exfoliation. We now have retinoid topicals combined with antioxidants and hydrators so that the skin is less irritated and the exfoliation occurs subtly. This is much better than traditional RetinA treatment, which increases trans-epidermal (through the skin) water loss, causing the skin to become dry, red and flaky.

At the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center, we offer several treatments that promote the creation of new collagen and elastin, thereby helping with pore minimization. Our 1064 nano laser, the CoolBreeze® and Exilis®, are all no downtime treatments that can promote overall skin radiance, improved skin texture, smaller pores and fewer fine lines. All of these treatments are comfortable enough to do without any anesthetic and the redness only lasts minutes to a few hours. These laser treatments are ideally done in a series of six treatments, one every few weeks. Maintenance requires retreatment yearly, quarterly or continuously, depending on patient needs and desire.

If downtime is acceptable, having a fractional laser treatment gives quicker results. We customize all treatments to each patient, and downtime can vary from 4 days to a week. Note that the more aggressive the treatment, the longer the downtime, but the quicker the final result.

If you’ve noticed a change in the texture of your skin, it may be due to the increased size of your pores. Why not make an appointment for a consultation and let one of the professionals of the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center take a look. Maybe all that you need is a pore minimization program to revitalize and freshen your look. You would be surprised how much of a change minimizing the size of your pores can make! You’ll love the results.

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