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Forever young? It’s not just a dream

Forever Young blogIf you want to look 21 forever, the time to start thinking about how to achieve that is NOW, even if you’re only in your 20’s and have nice wrinkle-free smooth skin.

So, how can you future-proof your skin and you appearance? When it comes to treating the signs of aging, many people used to take a wait-and-see approach. As in, wait until a wrinkle or age spot appears and then see what to do about it. In fact, many of the advertisements for anti-aging creams and treatments are aimed toward older people, not you. But don’t be fooled. Starting now ensures that you will have smooth, wrinkle-free, clear, soft skin.

Start with Preventative Botox® Treatments and Fillers

Are you already seeing small wrinkles around your eyes or between your brows when you smile or squint? Over time, these lines will just get deeper and harder to treat as they become etched in – essentially they become scars. Now is the time to start preventing permanent damage. By starting mini treatments now, you not only prevent facial muscles in those areas from creating deeper lines in the future, but Botox® can retrain these muscles to be less active, less problem-creating.

When it comes to fillers with hyaluronic acid, such as Juvederm®, Versa® or Restylane®, the placement and amounts are very specific and subtle. These products can be used to retain your youthful contours, while also stimulating a little collagen.

Exercise Your Face

Exercise is not just for your muscles and joints. Even your skin can benefit from exercise. Did you know that you have more than 40 muscles in your face alone? Strengthening specific ones can help sculpt high cheekbones and naturally define your jawline. However, exercising your face isn’t a gym-type workout. It is done by electro-signaling you skin to behave more youthfully. Electro-stimulation has long been used in the medical arena to treat Bell’s palsy. It is now gaining popularity among the skin-care obsessed in the form of nano-current facials. The benefits of regular muscle-stimulating sessions include tighter, more lifted skin. These nano-current facials with the iEllios device can have long-term beneficial results, producing a well-rested and glowing appearance.

Apply Sunscreen Like It’s Your Religion

Sunscreen is the number one anti-aging cream. So, use it every day. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of skin aging comes from the sun.

Sure, your tropical vacations require more diligent protection, but the damage is actually cumulative from daily bursts of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. UV exposure will fast-track wrinkles, brown spots, and blotchiness.

Use both sunscreen and moisturizer, not a combined product. Remember that moisturizer should penetrate deep into your skin to keep it smooth, while sunscreen’s function is to act as a barrier from the harmful UV rays. Don’t rely on the sunscreen in your makeup – it’s never protective enough, and it’s counter to what a moisturizer needs to do – penetrate. However, there are high SPF sunblocks that are tinted and can be used as makeup. The only time you don’t need sunscreen is at night.

Balance Your Microbiome

The best way to the heart is through the stomach, as the saying goes. But, did you know that what goes inside your body also affects the skin? Yep – toxins from your gut are released into your bloodstream and can trigger system-wide inflammation (Prednisone) in the skin. If your gut bacteria are out of whack, your complexion will appear dull, no matter how religiously you stick to a skincare routine. Or worse, you could experience outbreaks of acne, eczema, or rosacea.

The solution is to starve your gut’s “bad bacteria” with a diet rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and healthy fiber. This will re-balance its “good” flora. A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will help. You can also try pro-biotic supplements or enriched yogurts. Positive changes in your diet can spell significant changes in your gut microbiome in as little as a few days. But it could take weeks to translate those differences to your face. Note that skin takes about 28 days to turn over in youth, and it gradually slows down over the years. You are what you eat – and drink – so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

The Future is NOW!

Make an appointment with our medically trained Aestheticians at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center for more information to start your anti-aging routine now! It’s never too early to start future-proofing your skin. In addition to recommending a skin care routine and consulting for filler and Botox® treatments , we can also get you started on a supplement routine that will enhance your appearance and help you feel your best.

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