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Fall Has Arrived! It’s Time to Reverse Your Sun Damage

Are you noticing more brown and red spots on your skin as you age? Spots and raised areas may appear on your chest, arms and legs. Even if you have been vigilant with sunblock in recent years, old damage that started in your youth can blossom with the most casual new sun exposure. Fortunately, we have ways to reverse sun damage….but maintenance requires your participation.

Here are three tips for reversing sun damaged skin:

  1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is the best go-to treatment! Also known as fotofacial, IPL treats brown and red spots, and has the added benefit of improving the appearance of rosacea and broken capillaries, and can improve the overall appearance of your skin. Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center uses the best IPL technology, ICONTM system by Palomar/Cynosure. This is an exceedingly effective treatment, as even one session will provide a nice improvement! And these treatments will not have the disadvantage of downtime.
    Unlike the other IPL systems, the ICONTM system is designed for customized treatments, taking into consideration each patient’s skin type, skin color and amount of sun exposure. This makes this system infinitely safer, more reliable and more effective than all other systems.
  1. Sometimes the sun damage is not just pigment and dilated blood vessels, but textural skin changes. In this case, doing combination treatments creates synergy that can deliver great results. We may recommend skin peels, fractional laser treatments, perhaps ablative laser treatments – and of course, it is imperative that this investment in sun damage reversal be fortified with proper sun protection.
  1. My new Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare products enhance the results of IPL and all skin rejuvenating procedures. Using these products before beginning in-office treatments can benefit your skin by promoting a quicker and improved response to treatment.  Continuing Dr Barad Illuminated SkinCare products will help maintain the results of any treatment and will help protect skin from environmental damage. The products are all natural, paraben and toxin free and optimized to deliver dramatic skin rejuvenation.

We can’t stop the clock, but we can slow it down!  

Remember – it’s not just your facial skin that can show signs of aging. Any brown or red spots on your hands, arms, legs and chest area also are telltale signs that we have a few years of experience behind us! Fortunately, these areas can be successfully treated in similar ways to the face!

Fall is a great time to brighten and revitalize your skin, reverse summer’s skin damage – and take a few years off your apparent age too!  For smart and effective anti-aging options, call us to set up a consultation: 412-683-3358.


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