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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is for showing the people that you love how much they mean to you. We search for the perfect gifts, we gather together for perfect meals and parties, and we reflect over the past year. We work so hard to make the holidays perfect for our loved ones, that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

Here are some areas that commonly show aging in a disagreeable way:

Here is an agreeable way to repair some of these aging changes:

Shrink the droop!

Natural signs of aging include laxity of facial muscles and skin. All areas of the face and neck may be affected – determined by genetic and environmental factors. Although loss of firmness is a natural aging process, it makes fine lines, wrinkles and sag appear.

We are pleased to offer a new noninvasive procedure to minimize age lines and wrinkles. ThermiSmooth is a novel application of energy to encourage collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin provide the firmness that defines youthful looking skin.

And to make this effective treatment extra wonderful – there is no downtime and no pain – it actually is relaxing and can feel like a hot stone massage!

You’ll look and feel like your best self!

Get a lift before your next holiday party – iEllios

iEllios is a noninvasive alternative to plastic surgery. The technology creates new tissue and lifts sagging muscles to make your skin look years younger.

This technology can reduce puffiness and rosacea, it improves facial contours, tones your skin for a more even appearance, helps lift the eyes, fights against acne, and helps minimize scars and sun damage.

iEllios is the perfect gift to yourself if you want an overall younger and smoother appearance, with a relaxing treatment without downtime.

Get your glow on – dermaplane & infuse

Needing a facial to refresh your skin? Dermaplane is a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells and to encourage skin renewal. This citrus facial treatment puts necessary nutrients back into your skin through gentle exfoliation. This facial also removes unwanted peach fuzz from your face!

You’ll look refreshed and glowing as you walk out the door.

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