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Microblading Your Way to Beautiful Brows

Eyebrows are a critical facial focus. They frame your face, make your eyes pop and give you a finished look. But, very few of us have naturally perfect brows.

While there are many solutions to perfect brows out there in the marketplace, the solution that is most natural-looking is microblading (or eyebrow embroidery). In about 1 or 2 hours, depending on your needs, and with little invasiveness and minimal discomfort, you can have beautiful brows that last about one year, at which time a touch up is usually required. It is considered semi-permanent compared to permanent make-up eyebrows tattooed by machine.

So, exactly what is microblading? It’s a process that uses medical grade tattoo pigment to create brow hairs mimicking the ones you already have. Instead of a traditional tattoo that fills in an area, microblading is a series of manually applied small lines that look like actual hairs. It is an art form to give you the trompe l’oeil look of real brows. The process uses an intricate and specialized hand took with very fine needles which provide a vehicle for the pigment to be deposited into the skin and create a beautiful natural finished look. Because the lines are closer to the surface of the skin, they appear crisp and very fine, just like eyebrow hairs.

Our eyebrow specialist, Carissa, will start with the curve, arch, thickness and color of your existing brow and build from there. It doesn’t matter whether you have great brows that just need a small boost or skimpy brows that need to be filled in and enhanced. The process is basically the same.

Using a marker, the aesthetician will draw an arched brow on your face following natural contours and you’ll have the opportunity to adjust it to your liking. This drawing-on process ensures that you are getting the brows you dream of. Your brow area will be cleaned and numbed and the process will be begin.

Unlike traditional permanent make-up application, microblading creates individual strokes so that the appearance resembles eyebrow hairs. The process is intricate and meticulous. Microblading is all about attention to detail. Carissa, our microblading expert, uses HD and 3D microblading techniques, which allows for the most natural appearing brows.

There is no down time. After the procedure, you will need to apply an ointment until the area heals entirely, which is about one week.

Whether you are someone who just needs a little help achieving the perfect arch or someone whose brows are skimpy, microblading is a wonderful look, and HD and 3D microblading offers the best, most natural results. Be done with eyebrow make-up – just get up and go!

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