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SculpSure™ verses Coolsculpting®

Find Out Why Dr. Barad only uses SculpSure™

Do you exercise regularly and watch your diet? Are you still, after all of that work, trying to sculpt away nasty areas of fat and cellulite? Come to ASLC and melt that fat away with SculpSure™! 

You may have heard about other techniques for getting rid of unwanted fat, such as CoolSculpting®, but did you know that this procedure may cause some potentially unsafe and unwanted side effects? That’s why Dr. Barad does not use it. Rather, she has endorsed SculpSure™, a newer and more effective way to get rid of unwanted body fat. 

“I had been following the non-invasive fat melting market and waited for a system that provided consistently good results without pain or adverse events, and in a reasonable time frame”, says Dr. Barad, “We were early adopters with SculpSure, because it delivered on all these aspects. I am happy to note that our patients have not been disappointed!”


Breakdown of Fat Cells with Body Contouring Treatments

SculpSure and CoolSculpting are both FDA cleared procedures for body contouring treatments to reduce unwanted body fat. Both reduce fat by prompting the breakdown of fat cells, which are then metabolized by the body and removed as waste. That’s where the similarities end.

SculpSure consists of four flat applicators placed on the treatment area. The procedure is a non-suction, non-invasive laser lipolysis treatment designed to permanently destroy stubborn fat in the treated area. The laser safely penetrates beneath the skin to the underlying subcutaneous tissue during the treatment; patients will feel intervals of warm and cool sensations. Treatments take 25 minutes vs. 35–60 minutes with CoolSculpting. 

Resuming to Normal Activity after SculpSure Treatment

After the treatment is completed, additional areas can be treated on the same day. Patients can resume normal activities. Over time, the destroyed cells are gradually removed by the body’s lymphatic system. SculpSure is a 1064 nm laser that focuses on the subcutaneous tissue and safe to treat all skin types. With SculpSure, up to four applicators are used at one time to fit the desired area and destroy up to 24% of unwanted fat cells. In some cases, two areas can be done simultaneously. Patients can leave the clinic and get right back to work or play, no downtime! Patients are advised to treat the area again 4–6 weeks later. 

CoolSculpting Liable Side Effects

CoolSculpting is a cryolipolysis treatment where the subcutaneous tissues are suctioned into an applicator using a vacuum mechanism. However, an incorrect assessment can cause blotchiness or indentations. It is necessary to knead or massage the treated area before the patient can leave. CoolSculpting reduces fat cells by up to only 22%. The thermal spread from SculpSure provides a natural looking result, rather than the uneven results on areas with CoolSculpting.

6 Reasons to Choose SculpSure over Coolsculpting

1. No recovery time is needed.

2. Treatments take about 25 minutes per session. 

3. Four applicators can be used at once, which saves both time and money. 

4. Multiple areas can be treated at the same time 

5. People of any age or body type can benefit from the treatment. 

6. Results can be seen in as early as 6 weeks, with final results after about 12 weeks. 

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