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Breast Cancer Screenings are More Accurate than Ever

Every day is busy: juggling work, family, your social life, and every task in between. Time comes and goes in a blink of an eye, and sometimes things just don’t get done. And that’s okay! We totally understand.

Even though not everything can be checked off of your list, annual breast screenings should be an utmost priority for you. Firstly the exam can give you peace of mind if no signs appear. Secondly, catching breast cancer in the early stages can be essential for a full recovery.

Breast exams can be extremely uncomfortable and bruising. It’s understandable why people try to avoid them every year. Here at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center, we offer screenings through a non-invasive process called Thermography. This Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive clinical procedure that contains no harmful radiation, is painless, and there is no contact with the body. The accuracy is substantial, showing any nuances of pre-cancerous abnormalities before issues become more serious. There are no side effects, so you can feel confident in knowing you are receiving no harm and getting an effective screening.

Here’s a visual of how it detects abnormalities.

Vascular circulation increases in pre-cancerous problem areas, causing the temperature of those spots to increase. Our technology uses hyper sensitive lasers to detect all changes of temperature, no matter how small. Our technology then detects, analyzes and produces visual heat map images of the body. Thermography is the most accurate technology on the market for detecting the earliest signs of breast cancer.

Do your body the greatest favor and schedule your breast exam today! You deserve it.

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