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I’m In Love – With Permanent Makeup!

In love with permanent makeup PittsburghIn my wildest imagination, I never thought that I would ever get a tattoo – nor did many of my friends – until we discovered permanent makeup. Now, with a variety of applications depending on our needs and desires, we all look better all day long.

Permanent makeup is applied like a tattoo to create eyeliner, frame and brighten lips, and fill in eyebrows. Permanent makeup, quite simply, makes you look better morning, noon and night – saving time, and sometimes saving the aggravation of applying cosmetics. But, if you still want to use your regular cosmetics to get a more glam look, it’s an easy addition to permanent cosmetics.

Beyond simply looking better without effort, permanent makeup is particularly valuable if you have some health conditions or engage in activities that make traditional makeup application difficult, such as:

  • Not being able to see well enough to put on your makeup because of poor vision
  • Wearing glasses that get in the way of the makeup application
  • Suffering from skin allergies or skin that is sensitive to cosmetics
  • Engaging in sports or athletic activities such as swimming, biking, hot yoga, or any athletic activity which might cause you to sweat off your regular makeup
  • Suffering from tremors, arthritis, stroke or other maladies that affect fine motor skills needed to apply makeup
  • Being too busy to apply makeup
  • Having brows that are too light or do not match your hair color

Personally, I’m in love with my permanent makeup. Because of my eyeliner, I wake up in the morning with my eyes looking brighter and save time getting ready for my day. I’m happy any time I can save time in my busy life!

Here are a few things you should know about permanent makeup application:

  • It usually takes two visits to complete the procedure: the first one for the procedure and a follow-up session to tweak the application.
  • Permanent makeup lasts five to ten years. As the original color fades, you will want to have it reapplied.
  • There is some discomfort associated with getting any type of tattoo, but it is bearable, as topical numbing is used.
  • You will not have downtime after your tattoo, but you will have to take it easy with your exercise so that you don’t sweat or be tempted to rub.

I urge everyone who is interested in simplifying their makeup routine to have a consultation with our certified and experienced permanent makeup technician. For more information, please call Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center at 412-683-3358.

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