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SculpSure – The Most Advanced & Effective Non-Invasive Fat Melting Laser

Meet our newest technology: SculpSure™ – the most advanced and effective non-invasive fat melting laser. Not only does it achieve remarkable results without diet or exercise, but also there is minimal discomfort, no scarring and no downtime! SculpSure™ is the perfect antidote to recalcitrant and bothersome pockets of fat almost anywhere on the body. SculpSure™ is FDA approved for body sculpting.

SculpSure Before and After

The procedure is relatively fast, as one area can generally be done in 25 minutes. For those who are qualified, many things make SculpSure™ superior to alternative technologies:

  1. Each treatment area takes only 25 minutes.
  2. You will get more than 3X the coverage of treatment area relative to other fat-reduction devices.
  3. The device works with a simple, flexible, hands-free application that is not operator dependent, meaning less chance of irregularities.
  4. The process is non-invasive, meaning that it uses no needles or blades.
  5. There is no down time and, though some people feel slightly tender for a few days, no pain medication is required during or following the treatment.
  6. SculpSure™ is the result of 5 years of research and clinical trials.
  7. Within four weeks, you will see measurable results, and within 12 weeks, you will reach the full result of that 25-minute initial session.
  8. There is no bruising with SculpSure™.
  9. Areas may be re-treated 6 or more weeks after the initial session to optimize results.

SculpSure™ is a laser treatment, not a freezing treatment or liposuction technique. It actually melts the fat in the targeted areas. It is somewhat like placing a heating pad on a fatty area, but instead of a pad, laser applicators are applied to the problem areas. The process does not burn the skin and does not cause any residual pain. The laser heats the underlying fat and initiates a process that leads to the loss and elimination of fat cells. While the treatment in going on, you will be free to read, work or listen to music. All you will feel is warmth.

Over 12 weeks, the melted fat is absorbed completely through your lymphatic system, which naturally eliminates wastes. Occasionally, more than one treatment may be desired to target a problem area. This can be done at 6 or more weeks after the initial session.

The best candidates for SculpSure™ are those who are close to their ideal body weight but still have recalcitrant pockets of fat, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise – and who doesn’t have something like that? Studies show that with SculpSure™ you’ll achieve 15 – 24% reduction of the treated fat.

In Pittsburgh, SculpSure™ is only available at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center. To introduce the new technology, a special introductory offer is available to our first 10 patients. How about giving yourself a present for the holidays and get a head start on your New Year resolutions!

Call for more details and a consultation: 412-683-3358.

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