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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Season

Tips for Stress-free holidaysFrom family, friends and finances – to parties, prepping and presents – the holidays can be stressful!

But – the holiday season doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a stress-free holiday season.

Here are five tips to help you engineer your own stress-free holiday season:

Stress-Free Tip #1: Good Is Good Enough
Are you a perfectionist? Do you want everything to be big, bold, and beautiful? If so, remember that sometimes good is good enough.

You don’t have to compete with Clark W. Griswold for the most lights on your house. You don’t have to match Martha Stewart’s masterpiece decor. You can use a minimalist approach and still be festive.

What about parties? Do you aim to hold the biggest, best gatherings in your family or in the neighborhood?
Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, a quiet, relaxing get-together is the most satisfying and centering.

Stress-Free Tip #2: Experiences Over Presents
Are you always in search of the biggest and best presents? Do you wade through the sea of shoppers at department stores to find them?

If so, consider forgoing the stressful trips back and forth to the mall and plan an experience for your loved ones that they will never forget.

People don’t always remember what you buy them, but they remember special time you spend together. Instead of just another present, plan a day trip or a night out on the town or an exciting weekend adventure.

Stress-Free Tip #3: Avoid the Awkward Gift Moment
Have you ever stressed out over what present to get for a not-so-close friend or family member? You spend hours shopping for them and then see the awkward look on their face as you realize they don’t like what you bought them.

Ahhh…how frustrating and embarrassing! Instead, save yourself some time and aggravation by giving them a gift card or gift certificate – and let them select for themselves! You have better things to do with your time – and they get what they want: win-win.

Stress-Free Tip #4: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
Do you try to do it “all” in preparation for the holidays? Learning how to delegate roles and responsibilities can free up your time and decrease your stress (Valium).

Instead of cooking all the food for your holiday party, enlist your friends and family to contribute.
Instead of writing out all the thank you notes, entrust your spouse or kids with this easy (and important) responsibility.
Instead of wrapping all the presents, invest a few extra dollars to have the store wrap them for you.

In addition, your ability to say “no” over the holiday season is critical to your sanity. Don’t try to do it all! Delegate as much as you can and say “no” when it feels right!

Stress-Free Tip #5: Keep Daily Rituals
During this demanding time of year: do you forgo your exercise routine or sacrifice your afternoon nap or surrender your bedtime ritual?

Keeping your daily feel-good routines is a vital part to staying fresh and feeling healthy any time of year! Don’t let the hectic, taxing moments take away from your sanity-saving activities.

Stress doesn’t have to overwhelm you this holiday season. Keep your perspective, let go of the reins, and enjoy!

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