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SculpSure – The Results are In!

SculpSure laser is a sure fire bet for treatment of those problem fatty areas of the tummy, abdomen, love handles and thighs…basically anywhere you can “pinch an inch.” When we first introduced SculpSure late last year, we had read the literature and saw the performance reports, but hadn’t yet tried it ourselves. Four months into this remarkable addition to our aesthetic clinic, I can assure you that this revolutionary new laser does everything it says that it will.

Painlessly, effortlessly and non-invasively, the SculpSure laser literally melts away those stubborn fat pockets. For those who have been putting off sculpting their bodies because of a fear or aversion to liposuction, and for those who have areas that are notoriously recalcitrant even with proper diet and exercise, SculpSure is the 21st Century solution.

SculpSure Before & After animated

You can read more comprehensively about how SculpSure’s laser safely targets fat here. Essentially, this is a laser heating device that is aimed on the targeted area for 25 minutes, during which period you can completely relax. In the weeks following treatment, the fat will quite literally melt off your body.

Of course, everyone in the office was eager to try this newest device! I had the treatment in December. True to claims, it was painless and effortless and, because it took just 25 minutes, I easily fit it into my busy day. Now, 12 weeks later, I can report that the problem areas and contours have improved! Now I’m ready to go back for more as there is always another area to target.

Here are a few recommendations from my patients who have had SculpSure:

Most women have a body part that they feel they can improve…for me it was my upper arms. I was introduced to the SculpSure procedure at Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center and decided it was a good solution for me. The procedure was a non-invasive way for me to reduce my stubborn fat in the upper arm area. I was in the office for about 60 minutes and I experienced minimal discomfort. The overall experience was very good. I was provided information and was well-informed about the details before and during the process. After the procedure there was no swelling, bruising or discomfort. It’s been 8 weeks since the procedure and the results are very much what was expected. I would say that there was about a 25-30% reduction in my upper arms and I can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. I would not hesitate to have this procedure for other body parts.
– Lin

I’ve tried diet and lots of exercise to get rid of the fat pockets between my buttocks and my thighs. It just wouldn’t go away. So I decided to try SculpSure, particularly because I understood it would be painless and not invasive. I’m really glad that I did. Within several weeks of having the first very easy treatment I noticed a difference and I believe that my pants look better too. I’m going to schedule another appointment to see how much more improvement I can get.
– Barbara

Experience this treatment now at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center – the first aesthetic center in Pittsburgh to offer this innovative technology! Click here for more information or call the office now for more details and to schedule your consultation.

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