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Clean, Clear and Smooth for Summer

Best Pittsburgh Hair RemovalSummer’s almost here – ARE YOU ready for bikinis, shorts, golf skirts, and sleeveless tops – all the clothes that bare your skin. Bare skin raises fear in many of us: cellulite, sun spots, and hair that now needs to be dealt with consistently. We perspire and often deodorants aren’t enough to give us absolute confidence.

Fortunately, they can all be treated quickly, easily and non-invasively with our specialized lasers! One of the easiest and most efficient ways to show your beautiful skin is with laser hair removal.

Our technicians are certified and have years of experience using the high powered, state-of-the-art ICON Optimized Pulsed Light system. It is highly effective for hair removal anywhere there is unwanted hair. After just one treatment session, you will find your hair softer and less likely to develop ingrown problems. After 3 sessions, you will see a substantial difference and feel secure and confident that your skin will stay smooth and look its best. Each person’s treatment plan is different based on skin type, hair thickness, genetics and other factors that are discussed during a consultation. Typically, permanent hair reduction can be achieved in no more than five or six sessions – although no guarantees can be made.

How does laser hair removal work? Using unique technology, specific laser light wavelengths are delivered to and absorbed into, the pigment of the hair at it’s growth area, the follicle, causing destruction of the growth apparatus. The more effective the laser is at delivering the right amount of energy into the growth area of the hair, the more effective is the hair reduction. Not all systems are optimized for this! And, no system is as safe as the ICON. We are able to measure your skin characteristics in order to place the settings so that you get maximum results within safe limits. The ICON is considered to be the best such device on the market!

Is it permanent? Usually, a series of treatments is necessary for permanent hair reduction, depending upon many factors. In most cases, permanent hair reduction is achievable.

Why the ICON system? The ICON is the most powerful and safest device on the market, meaning it is the most effective, giving the best long-term results. Balancing its power and energy, the ICON has an advanced cooling action that keeps your skin safe, reduces pain and maximizes comfort during the treatment.

So, start now – before your vacation or your first trip to the pool or golf course! You will be ready to show those gorgeous hair-free legs, raise your arms to dive into the pool or put on that short skirt and sleeveless top – feeling clean and secure. And, in no time, you’ll not have to pick up another razor ever! No more razor bumps!

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