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3 Areas of Your Face Can Make or Break Your Appearance: Men’s Edition

eyebrow groomingGone are the days when women were the only ones who kept up their appearances. Gents, you know what I mean. But did you know that maintaining that bright and healthy appearance is more than just the clothes you wear and the amount you work out? Here are three, easy-to-address areas of your face that you should keep in tip-top shape to look and feel your best all year round.

1. Watch the eyebrows. It’s amazing how important eyebrows are to framing your face. Have you ever seen those images of celebrities with their eyebrows Photoshop-ed off? It makes them look like entirely different people. Maintaining your eyebrows can really give you a boost over the rest of the guys out there – and if you don’t have time to tweeze or wax regularly, laser hair removal is a safe and easy option.

2. Mind the eyes. Eyes can say a lot about a person. Luckily for you, that all-nighter you pulled trying to get your newborn daughter to sleep can vanish with treatments that specifically deal with dark circles beneath eyes. If your regularly find yourself with circles, water, a healthy diet, and these treatments could do wonders to helping you through that big meeting you’re dreading to go to.

3. Clean your skin. Forget your foot – putting your best skin forward on a daily basis will make you look great and feel confident whenever someone looks at you. Cleaning your face regularly and occasionally getting a professional exfoliating wash will reduce the amount of acne-causing cells and bacteria on your skin and leave your skin smoother and brighter than it ever has been before.

Keeping up with your appearance shouldn’t have to be a chore – especially if you’re a busy man. New technologies such as laser hair removal and eye treatments can really do wonders for your looks while keeping the upkeep to a minimum – after all, even if men are keeping up their appearances more, that doesn’t mean they want to spend all morning in front of the mirror.

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