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truSculpt® iD vs CoolSculpting®

truSculpt iD & Coolsculpting Competitive ComparisonHow Heat-Based Treatment Stacks Up Against Fat Freezing

truSculpt® iD is a revolutionary new body-sculpting treatment that offers tremendous results for both men and women looking to reduce fat and contour their bodies safely and comfortably. Using heat-based technology, how does truSculpt® iD stack up against cold-based treatments like CoolSculpting®? Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison.

truSculpt® iD

This FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment permanently eliminates fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency technology. truSculpt iD uses real-time temperature control to provide more consistent results, ideal for fat reduction, cellulite removal, and body sculpting and contouring. Studies have shown that it provides an average fat reduction of 24%, with noticeable improvements 6-12 weeks after the first treatment. truSculpt® iD’s heat-based technology allows for increased collagen manufacturing and tissue repair, which actually tightens the skin, leaving it smoother, tighter, and with less cellulite than cold-based treatments. It can also be used on any area of the body, regardless of location or the amount of fat present. And with no downtime and no restrictions on weight, skin type or body mass index (BMI), truSculpt allows all patients to immediately return to normal activities after their brief 15-minute sessions.


CoolSculpting®, while effective, requires a little more from the patient. This FDA-cleared procedure is only able to treat certain areas, offering up to 20–25% reduction in fat layer thickness after one session, with results appearing 4-12 weeks after treatment. Additionally, the 35-minute procedure itself may be a bit uncomfortable for some, including discomfort from the freezing applicator and slight pinching and pulling sensations during treatment. Patients also commonly report occasional numbness for a few weeks after treatment. Typical side effects immediately following the procedure include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and stinging, among others.

The Bottom Line

A range of advantages from the latest heat-based technologies like truSculpt®iD make for a more popular and convenient fat-reduction treatment option, including:

  • More consistent results
  • Ability to treat any area, as well as multiple areas at once
  • Ability to treat various fat densities
  • Can be done on all skin types and over tattoos
  • Shorter treatment sessions
  • Less downtime
  • No cold sensitivity
  • No need for post-treatment massage

Check out our truSculpt® iD page for more information, and schedule your consultation with Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center today!

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