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Spider Vein Treatments

Pittsburgh Vein TreatmentSpider veins – known in the medical world as telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities – are small, thin veins that lie close to the surface of the skin. Usually, blue, purple, or red, spider veins typically develop on your legs and face.

There are many factors that contribute to the development of spider veins. First, while both men and women develop spider veins, they are more common in women. Hormonal changes like those simulated with pregnancy, birth control, and hormone therapy can lead to spider veins. Weight gain, occupations or activities that require prolonged sitting or standing, and the use of certain medications also cause spider veins to develop.

Spider veins usually take on one of three basic patterns. They may appear in a true spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a dark central point; they may be arborizing and will resemble tiny branch-like shapes, or they may simply appear as thin separate lines.

Although they aren't usually painful, millions of people are bothered and embarrassed by spider veins that commonly appear on the thighs, legs, and ankles, that’s why we are proud to offer the effective Cutera Excel V laser treatment.

How Does the Cutera Excel V Work?

The Cutera Excel V is non-invasive, unlike other common treatments like sclerotherapy or ablation. It uses two precision lasers to heat and eliminate the abnormal vessels, ultimately restoring normal skin tone and color.

The Benefits of Cutera Excel V

You will see results* from your Cutera Excel V laser treatment right away. The number of treatments depends on the size and condition of the area being treated.

*Individual results may vary.


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