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SculpSure® – Before and After Photos | Ready for YOUR Transformation?

This SculpSure® patient is a professional at age 51, who travels a lot. Despite her efforts to work out and eat a regular diet she was bothered by a bulge on her abdomen. She considered having liposuction and was unsure if a minimally invasive procedure would fit into her very active and busy lifestyle. She completed 2 SculpSure® treatments on her abdomen and was so happy with her results. Upon seeing her after pictures she decided to continue sculpting her abdomen with a third SculpSure® treatment in July. Her first treatment was performed with 8 applicators on her abdomen and 6 for her second.

These images are before and 6 weeks after 3 SculpSure® treatments of 4 applicators on the abdomen and 2 applicators on each flank for a young female graduate student in her late 20’s. She typically eats a healthy diet. She had to have a medical procedure that disallowed her regular exercise routine. She noticed her love handles and abdomen were more full than she would like. She received her 2 SculpSure® treatments 4 weeks apart and was so happy with her results she came back for a 3rd and completed her 4th treatment in July!

We did a total of 4 applicators, 2 on the abdomen and 1 on each love handle. He was very happy with the reductions, which were exactly what he was looking for.

53 year old female. She has 2 kids and had a tummy tuck years ago. She was concerned with love handles and a small pocket of fat over ribs. She has a very active lifestyle and exercises regularly with a trainer, yet these two areas have remained unresponsive. She loves joining her kids on sporting events and vacations in warm climates, so slimming down these problem areas was important to her to feel better in her body and also for her clothes to fit better.

47 year old female. She exercises regularly and has tried everything to slim down her lower abdomen and love handles. She’s an RN and has a very active and social life style. Her diet is low carb, gluten free, and low fat. Enjoying the outdoors, and vacations in warm climates, she’s looking forward to feeling more comfortable in her swimsuit and summer clothes.

27 year old female. As an on-air radio personality, she attends countless events with celebrities and talent. It’s important that she looks and feels her best in this field. She’s tried everything and continues to do yoga, swimming, HIIT, and cross fit. Although she has a healthy diet and exercises regularly, her midsection has always been a problem area. Contouring her lower abdomen is a focus to feel more confident during her in-person interviews, social activities, as well as beach vacations.

This gentlemen has a busy, active lifestyle, where he travels. He is middle-aged, looking for a treatment with no downtime to get rid of this buldge in the stomach area. He runs, exercises, and eats a regular diet. However, could never seem to get rid of the excess fat around his belly button. In 5-7 weeks he noticed the reduction and contouring in the area treated. He felt it was well worth it, he could relax at his Florida home and in time is happy with the final results.

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